UEC Nominee for 2018-2020 Term: S. Rappoccio

Salvatore Rappoccio
State University of New York at Buffalo


The User’s Executive Committee is the mechanism for the Fermilab users to address the concerns of the broader community. It is important to ensure that feedback from the community is heard by the directorate of the lab to ensure the most successful physics program. In addition to this function, it is also one of the most important entities to engage with funding agencies and Members of Congress to communicate our physics accomplishments and goals. For these reasons, I would like to participate in the UEC. I have extensive experience at Fermilab, having been a graduate student on CDF, as well as being stationed at the LPC for several years. I have been actively engaged in many LPC activities for the last 10 years, including Data Analysis Schools, Speakers Committees, and the Distinguished Researcher program. I have also participated in the trip to Washington, DC, many times over my career. It is extremely rewarding and is an important duty we, as users of the public funds allocated to FNAL, are responsible for. I thank you for your nomination and consideration for this important role.