2005 Users Meeting Program

Wednesday, June 8th
Time Title Speaker
08:30 P5: Policy, Politics and Perspectives on Particle Physics Patrick Looney (OSTP)
09:00 Welcome/UEC Report William Trischuk (Toronto)
09:20 MINOS Niki Saoulidou (FNAL)
10:00 BREAK
10:15 Accelerator complex performance Ioanis Kourbanis (FNAL)
10:55 D0 Results on QCD, New Phenomena and B Physics Bill Lee (Florida State)
11:25 CDF High-pT Physics Catalin Ciobanu (Illinois)
11:55 LUNCH
13:00 MiniBooNE Ray Stefanski (FNAL)
13:30 MINERvA Ron Ransome (Rutgers)
13:50 News from NSF Joseph Dehmer (NSF)
14:20 Fixed target results Brad Cox (Virginia)
15:00 BREAK
15:15 CDF Flavor Physics Alessandro Cerri (LBNL)
15:45 D0 Results on Electroweak, Top and Higgs Physics Ia Iashvili (UC Riverside)
16:15 FNAL Director’s Report Mike Witherell (FNAL)
18:00 Dinner at Users’ Center, Festa Italiana at Kuhn Barn
Thursday, June 9th
09:00 News from URA Fred Bernthal (URA)
09:20 URA Thesis Award presentation Konstantin Anikeev (MIT)
09:40 Tollestrup Prize presentation Reinhard Schwienhorst (Michigan State)
10:00 LHC at FNAL Yuri Gershtein (Florida State)
10:30 NAS EPP2010 study Charles Shank (LBNL)
11:00 BREAK
11:15 NOvA Ken Heller (Minnesota)
11:35 Physics at the Proton Driver Ron Ray (FNAL)
12:05 News from DOE Robin Staffin (DOE)
12:35 LUNCH
13:30 Progress and Challenge in QCD R. Keith Ellis (FNAL)
14:15 Collaborations Between University Groups and the Fermilab Accelerator Division Sacha Kopp (UT Austin)
14:45 News from the ILC Barry Barish (Caltech)
15:15 BREAK
15:30 News from SLAC Ewan Paterson (SLAC)
16:00 Astrophysics at FNAL Brenna Flaugher (FNAL)
16:30 Report from the Director-Designate Pier Oddone (LBNL/FNAL)
17:30 Adjourn to New Perspectives reception/poster session