Users Organization Constitution

June, 2011

This is an organization of scientists and engineers currently engaged in advancing our understanding of the nature of matter and energy. These Users anticipate needing significant resources from the Laboratory to conduct basic research in particle physics, astrophysics, the development of accelerators and their inter-relationship. Its purpose is to provide a forum for discussion of scientific and administrative matters relevant to the organization and functions of the Laboratory. In particular, it should play an important advisory role in determining the relationship of outside Users to the Laboratory and the support they will have in implementing their experimental programs.

A. Membership

Membership shall be open to individuals with a professional interest in the scientific program at Fermilab.

B. Executive Committee

Between meetings of the general membership, the affairs of the Organization shall be handled by an Executive Committee. This Committee shall be composed of members elected by membership. The Executive Committee shall consist of 12 members elected for two-year terms. Six terms shall become vacant each year. Nominations for new members shall be made by the Executive Committee; additional nominations may be made by a written petition signed by or email from any 10 members. The Chair of the Executive Committee will be asked to continue to serve as a committee member for one year after the term as Chair expires, if necessary as the 13th member. It is expected that the Executive Committee will appoint additional committees to study technical and administrative matters of concern to the Organization. “If any member of the UEC becomes unavailable within six months of the annual election, the next highest votes getter from that election will be extended an offer to replace that member. In the event a member becomes unavailable after six months, an additional member will be elected in the following year to maintain a 12-member UEC.

C. Chair and Secretary

The Executive Committee shall select a Chair from among its members. That Chair will preside at all meetings and be the spokesperson for the Organization. A Secretary shall be appointed by the Chair. The Secretary shall prepare a summary of the results of all meetings. The summaries of the general meetings shall be emailed to all members.

D. Meetings

Meetings shall be called by the Chair. At least one meeting of the general membership shall be held each year. The location and program for each meeting shall be decided by the Chair with the advice of the Executive Committee.

E. Procedures

The Executive Committee may, on its own initiative, and shall, upon instruction of a majority of the members attending a general meeting, submit questions for consideration to the full membership. Results of the deliberations of this Organization shall be communicated to the Director of Fermilab.

F. Amendment

This constitution may be amended by a vote of the members. Any proposed amendment shall be introduced at a general membership meeting. The mail vote shall be taken no sooner than one week after such introduction. A two-thirds majority of the members voting is required for passage.

G. Adoption

This constitution shall be adopted if approved by two-thirds of the prospective members attending the initial meetings. The Organizing Committee shall conduct the election for the first Executive Committee.

This Constitution was unanimously adopted at the meeting of December 9, 1967, and amended by the membership in April 1970, May 1971, May 1972, October 1974, May 1975, June 1981, June 2005 and June 2011.