Quality of Life Subcommittee


Oversee the living and work environment for all of Fermilab’s Users. In particular the subcommittee responds to issues related to services such as housing, dining, and work space, facilitates international Users visiting Fermilab, and works to provide a positive working environment.

Subcommittee Members 2019-2020

Oliver Gutsche, chair (Fermilab)
Yuanyuan Zhang, deputy (Fermilab)
Ashley Back (Indiana University)
David Martinez Caicedo (South Dakota School of Mines & Technology)
Reddy Pratap Gandrajula (Michigan State University)
Cindy Joe (Fermilab)

Contact to Fermilab Student & Postdoc Association (FSPA)

Maria Martinez Casales, (Iowa State University)

Committees with Quality of Life member participation

Housing Allocation Committee QoL representative Oliver Gutsche
Food Advisory Committee QoL representative Yuanyuan Zhang

Contacts to Fermilab’s Organization

Global Services Manager Griselda Lopez
Wilson Hall Building Manager John Kent
Roads & Grounds Steve Whiteaker
Computing Jon Bakken
Wellness Programs Jeanne Ecker
Community Building Jessica Jensen
Food Advisory Committee John Hatfield
FESS Mark Jeffers
Human Resources Deanne Randich

Feedback about Quality of Life at Fermilab

Please provide any suggestions or feedback about Quality of Life at Fermilab via the feedback form

List of open and resolved feedback

List of resolved and open feedback provided to the Quality of Life sub-committee can be found here, restricted to on-site access. If you are offsite, please the Fermilab VPN access method by going to https://vpn.fnal.gov, login with your Fermilab Services account and follow the instructions.

What’s New?

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