Education and Public Engagement Subcommittee


To support and enhance Fermilab’s education and public engagement efforts; including mentoring and other Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion programs; and to make volunteering and mentoring opportunities more broadly available among the Fermilab community. We also hope to further recognize those of us that choose to serve.

Subcommittee Members 2022-2023

Neeti Parashar, chair (Purdue University Northwest)
Barbara Yaeggy, deputy (University of Cincinnati)
Jane Nachtman, (University of Iowa)

Contact on Fermilab Student & Postdoc Association (FSPA)

Olivia Bitter (University of Chicago)
Tom Murphy (Syracuse University)

Contacts to Fermilab’s Organization

Education and Public Engagement Rebecca Thompson (Head)
Spencer Pasero (Deputy Head)
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Sandra Charles (Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer)
Laura Rogas (Directorate Administrator)
Cortez Watkins (D&I Specialist, Workforce Pathways and Community Outreach)
Anahi Ruiz Beltran (D&I Specialist, Culture, Climate and Belonging)

In The News

Events and Volunteer Opportunities for Education and Public Engagement at Fermilab

Volunteers play a key role in the success of outreach and education programs at the lab. There are many ways you can help and support our program. If you are a Fermilab user or employee and are interested to contribute to lab’s education and public engagement efforts, please contact Manolis Kargiantoulakis and Alexx Perloff with your interests. Please also contact us if you would like to share your ideas on education and public engagement or would like to provide feedback on existing programs, we very much welcome your input.

Events and Opportunities

  • FAPA LRG is hosting a ​workshop on “Managing Your Career with Assertive Communication”, July 21, 3 – 4:30 pm, provided by Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP)​.
  • Fermilab EDI is asking for volunteers to join the selection committees for the internship programs. For deadlines and more information, please contact Sandra Charles and Jeomar Monteleon.
  • The EDI Team is accepting job submissions from anyone interested in serving as an internship supervisor for Summer 2023. The Fermilab internship programs that will be held virtually include:
    SIST – Summer Internships In Science and Technology (undergraduate sophomores and juniors)
    SQMS Internship Program (undergraduate sophomores and juniors)
    LBNF/DUNE Far Site Internship (South Dakota) (undergraduate sophomores and juniors)
    UChicago Metcalf, Odyssey, Provost and Innovation Scholars Program (undergraduate freshman, sophomores and juniors)
    CCI – Community College Internships (DOE)
    SULI – Summer Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (DOE) (undergraduate sophomores and juniors)
    VFP – Visiting Faculty Program (DOE)
    Please go here to visit the internship website for program details. The job submission deadline is February 26th and you can complete the form here. If you have any additional questions or concerns please email
  • The Hispanic/Latino Lab Resource Group (LRG) will be hosting a STEM high school conference in early May and is seeking volunteers to donate their time to connect with interested students. Please email Minerba Betancourt or Leonidas Aliaga Soplin if you are interested in participating!
  • Become a mentor for Boeing’s STEM Signing Day! Click this link to complete application or download a pdf and send completed version to Please complete the application by March 4th.
    • What is STEM Signing Day? Just like college signing days for athletes, Boeing’s Chicago STEM Signing Day celebrates outstanding high school seniors from around the state as they make their commitments to education programs focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Coming up!

  • Earth Day celebrations week – Attend talks on sustainability, ecology and environmental justice:
  • 03/11 @ 12:30pm – Intercultural Development Inventory workshop (registration & information)
  • 3/15 – EDI contributor nomination form for recognizing members of the Fermilab community for their support in EDI.
  • Fermilab Women’s Initiative LRG is planning to hold another virtual Tea Talk for this spring. Contact to suggest speakers.