2006 User Meeting Program

Wednesday, May 31st
Time Title Speaker
Session Chair: Gerald Blazey
9:00 Welcome, UEC Report Sacha Kopp, University of Texas
9:05 Congressional Perspective Judy Biggert, US Congress
9:40 Featured Talk from New Perspectives Graduate Student Meeting: Trilepton searches at CDF Anadi Canepa, Purdue University
10:00 MINOS Results Phil Adamson, UC-London/FNAL
10:25 Break
Session Chair: Henry Frisch
10:45 News from the NSF Jon Kotcher, NSF
11:20 Featured Talk from New Perspectives Graduate Student Meeting: Inclusive jet cross section measurement at Dzero Mikko Voutilainen, University of Nebraska
11:40 Observational Astrophysics at Fermilab: SDSS, DES, SNAP Gajus Miknaitis, FNAL
12:05 Tevatron I: Top Mass and Single Top Freya Blekman, Imperial College
12:30 Lunch
Session Chair: Mike Shaevitz
2:00 ILC/T2K Hiro Aihara, University of Tokyo
2:35 Featured Talk from New Perspectives Graduate Student Meeting: Hadronic top mass measurement at CDF Petteri Mehtala, University of Helsinki
2:55 Auger Nicholas Busca, University of Chicago
3:20 Break
Session Chair: Jacobo Konigsberg
3:40 Tevatron II: Vector Bosons Elliott Lipeles, UCSD
4:05 Electron Cooling Alexander Shemyakin, FNAL
4:30 MiniBooNE,NOvA,MINERvA Zelimir Djurcic
Wednesday Evening, May 31st
5:00 Poster Session in Atrium
5:00 Reception Dinner in Atrium
8:00 Public Lecture: Norman Augustine, Rising Above the Gathering Storm
9:00 Festa Italiana, Kuhn Barn
Thursday, June 1st
Session Chair: Sarah Eno
8:45 EPP 2010 Harold Shapiro, Princeton University
9:35 News from the Universities Research Association Fred Bernthal, URA
9:45 URA Thesis Prize Presentation Jean-Francois Arguin, Toronto
10:05 Tollestrup Prize Presentation Guillelmo Ceballos, Cantabria; Ivan Furic, Chicago; Stephanie Menzemer, Heidelberg
10:25 Break
Session Chair: Dan Green
10:45 News from CMS Michel Della Negra, CERN
11:20 LHC Physics Center Activities Kevin Burkett, FNAL
11:45 CDMS Jonghee Yoo, FNAL
12:10 Constraining inverse curvature with SNe data Olga Mena Requejo
12:35 Lunch
Session Chair: Karol Lang
2:00 News from the DOE Robin Staffin, DOE
2:35 Featured Talk from New Perspectives Graduate Student Meeting: Secondary production measurements for MiniBooNE David Schmitz, Columbia University
2:55 Tevatron Results III: Top Properties Charles Plager, UCLA
3:20 Break
Session Chair: Eric Zimmerman
3:40 Tevatron IV: Higgs Searches Kazu Hanagaki, FNAL
4:05 Superconducting RF Cavity Testing at Fermilab Tim Koeth, Rutgers University
4:30 Director’s Report Pier Oddone, FNAL
Thursday Evening, June 1st
6:00 Graduate Student Association Barbeque, Kuhn Barn