2008 Users Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, June 4 Thursday, June 5
Ela Barberis, session chair Greg Landsberg, session chair
Time Speaker Duration Time Speaker Duration
9:00 UEC Introduction (K. Pitts, U. of Illinois) 0:10 9:00 LHC Status and Plans (J. Engelen, CERN) 0:30
9:10 GSA Introduction (T. Dorland, U. of Washington) 0:10 9:30 CMS Status (J. Butler, Fermilab) 0:30
9:20 Status of the Accelerator Complex (R. Moore, Fermilab) 0:25 10:00 Beyond Standard Model Physics in the

NuSOnG Experiment (G. Karagiorgi, Columbia U.)

9:45 Tevatron QCD, Electroweak and Standard Model Higgs physics (O. Gonzlez, Madrid) 0:25 10:20 Report from the National Science Foundation (J.Dehmer, NSF) 0:30
10:10 The Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (K. Lesko, UC Berkeley and LBL) 0:30 10:50 Break 0:15
10:40 Break 0:15 Chris Polly, session chair
Kevin Pitts, session chair 11:05 Physics at the energy frontier (A. Pierce, U. Michigan) 0:30
10:55 MINERvA: Understanding Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions (J. Chvojka, Rochester U.) 0:20 11:35 Tevatron Top physics (M. Narain, Brown U.) 0:25
11:15 Report from the Office of Management and Budget (Mike Holland, OMB) 0:25  12:00 Report from P5 (C. Baltay, Yale U.) 0:30
11:40 Report from the House Committee on Science & Technology (A.Rosenberg,US Congress Staff) 0:25 12:30 Lunch 1:00
12:05 Lunch 1:25 Kirsten Tollefson, session chair
12:20 Lunch Q&A session with M. Holland and A. Rosenberg (1 West) 1:00 13:30 Dark Matter Searches, COUPP/CDMS and a brush with DAMA (J. Collar, U. Chicago) 0.25
Lee Sawyer, session chair 13:55  Measurement of Br(B0s->D(*)s D(*)s) at DZero (SW. Youn, Northwestern U.) 0:20
13:30 Present and future of observational cosmology(S. Dodelson, Fermilab & U. Chicago) movie 0:30 14:15 Physics at the intensity frontier (A. Masiero, Padova U.) 0:30
14:00 URA thesis prizes award (F. Bernthal, URA) 0:10 14:45 Intensity Proton Sources at Fermilab (Young-Kee.Kim, Fermilab & U. Chicago) 0:30
14:10 URA thesis prizes talks (R. Patterson/P. Wagner) 0:40 15:15 Tevatron flavor physics (G. Punzi, INFN Pisa) 0:25
14:50 Report from the DOE Office of High Energy Physics (Dennis Kovar, DOE) 0:30 15:40 Break 0:15
15:20 Break 0:15 Jean Slaughter, session chair
Mitch Soderberg, session chair 15:55 Video Greeting from Bill Foster (U.S. Congress) 0:10
15:35 Recent results from MiniBooNE, SciBooNE (M. Wascko, Imperial College) 0:25 16:05 Global search for new physics in CDF RunII data (Si Xie, MIT) 0:20
16:00 Announcement of neutrino school award (G. Rameika) 0:05 16:25 Recent Results from MINOS and Future Prospects (J. Paley, Indiana U.) 0:30
16:05 High Energy Physics in Japan (M. Yamauchi, KEK) 0:30 16:55 Tollestrup prize award and talk (B. Kilminster, Ohio State) 0:25
16:35 Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory (P. Privitera, KICP U. Chicago) 0:25 17:20 Director’s closing remarks (P. Oddone, Fermilab) 0:30
17:00 Tevatron New Phenomena physics (E. Nagy, Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille) 0:25
17:30 Poster Session & Banquet (Atrium) 2:30
20:00 Public Lecture (Auditorium)
Paul Steinhardt
The Endless Universe
21:15 Festa Italiana (Kuhn Barn)