UEC Election 2018-2020

Welcome to the UEC Election 2018-2020. We kindly request Users vote to decide who the next 6 people are that they choose to represent them on the UEC.

  • Voting will be done via Fermilab Indico. Vote here!

  • You may vote for up to 6 candidates. Votes with more than 6 selections will be invalidated.

  • Your vote will not be accepted after 23:59:59 Central Daylight Time on Friday, August 24, 2018.

  • You must have a valid Fermilab ID to vote.

  • The candidates are listed below – click on the candidates picture or name to see each individual candidates’ information.

Meet the candidates

Saptaparna Bhattacharya
Northwestern University

Kirsty Duffy

Jonathan Edelen
RadiaSoft LLC


Will Flanagan
University of Dallas

Ben Freemire
Northern Illinois University

Andrew Furmanski
University of Manchester

Sergei Gleyzer
University of Florida

Frank Golf
University of Nebraska

Oliver Gutsche

Deepika Jena

Cindy Joe

Kevin Lynch
City University of New York

David Martinez Caicedo
Illinois Institute of Technology

Norbert Neumeister
Purdue University


Salvatore Rappoccio
State University of New York at Buffalo

Gregory Snow
University of Nebraska