UEC Election 2018-2020

This event has ended. This page remains for historical reference in order to view statements of the winning candidates.
Welcome to the UEC Election 2018-2020. We kindly request Users vote to decide who the next 6 people are that they choose to represent them on the UEC.

  • Voting will be done via Fermilab Indico. Vote here!

  • You may vote for up to 6 candidates. Votes with more than 6 selections will be invalidated.

  • Your vote will not be accepted after 23:59:59 Central Daylight Time on Friday, August 24, 2018.

  • You must have a valid Fermilab ID to vote.

  • The candidates are listed below – click on the candidates picture or name to see each individual candidates’ information.

Meet the winning candidates for 2018-2020

Saptaparna Bhattacharya
Northwestern University

Kirsty Duffy

Oliver Gutsche

Cindy Joe

David Martinez Caicedo
Illinois Institute of Technology

† [Deceased: Gregory Snow (1954-2019), was a longtime and dedicated member of the UEC]