UEC Nominee for 2018-2020 Term: K. Duffy

Kirsty Duffy


I came to Fermilab from the UK almost exactly a year ago as a postdoc working in neutrino physics (MicroBooNE and DUNE). It’s a daunting experience to move so far away from home and family, but I’ve found the Fermilab community to be open and welcoming, and generally willing to help make it really easy to settle in. I also love the energy and excitement that goes with being at the center of everything in one of the best particle physics labs in the world! I think the UEC is a huge part of all of this, and I am excited to contribute.

The UEC is a great resource for people that are new to the country or area, and I am keen to continue to offer that guidance and sense of community to all users of the lab. I am particularly interested in education, outreach, and diversity – in educating the public and helping to raise our profile nationally, internationally, and locally. I also feel strongly about including and representing all members of the users’ community to the lab management, in order to improve the environment for everyone. As a founder of T2K-Young and T2K-Women, as well as an organizer of the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics UK, I have experience in both representing the interests of a community to management and organizing large events, which I think will serve me well as a member of the UEC.