UEC Nominee for 2018-2020 Term: J. Edelen

Jonathan Edelen
RadiaSoft LLC


The Fermilab users organization is responsible for advising how the lab engages with the community. In particular, broadening the user community through continued outreach is pivotal to ensuring the future success of Fermilab. Over the past several years I have been involved with Fermilab both as a user and as an employee. In these roles I have felt that there is much we can do to increase our visibility within both the general population and the scientific community. As a member of the UEC I would seek to broaden our reach on both fronts.

As a Bardeen Fellow at Fermilab I was a member of the Fermilab Engineering Advisory Council and served on the diversity and outreach subcommittee. During my tenure, we visited the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to speak with engineering graduate students. I was shocked by how many students had never heard of Fermilab. The few who were familiar with the lab knew of only a small sliver of what the lab has to offer. Fermilab is a unique organization with world experts across many disciplines of science, engineering, and technology. As a member of the UEC I would seek to further expand our outreach programs into new areas that fully showcase the lab’s talents.

Additionally, I would like to support further development of the user community by lobbying for more science and engineering research across all disciplines. Significant investments have already been made towards test infrastructure for a variety of projects such as cryomodule testing for LCLS-II and the test infrastructure necessary for PIP-II. There are opportunities for additional research both in science and engineering that could leverage these facilities. As a UEC member I will seek to improve opportunities for research funding across disciplines that can leverage these facilities to provide a greater overall return on this investment.

I am very excited to continue to serve Fermilab as a member of the UEC and hope to ensure Fermilab’s success for future generations!