UEC Nominee for 2018-2020 Term: W. Flanagan

Will Flanagan
University of Dallas


I’m an Assistant Professor at the University of Dallas. My projects at Fermilab include the NOvA and MINOS neutrino oscillation experiments, with a particular focus on the data acquisition system for the upcoming NOvA test beam effort. My career has orbited Fermilab both intellectually and physically over the past decade. I completed a PhD with Texas A&M on the CMS experiment, spending a large fraction of my time at Fermilab’s LHC Physics Center. I then completed a postdoc at the University of Texas at Austin on the MINOS and LArIAT experiments. Along the way, Fermilab has supported my work as an LHC Physics Center Graduate Scholar, a Neutrino Physics Center Fellow, and a URA Visiting Scholar.

I’m grateful to Fermilab for the opportunities and friends it has provided over the years. I would like to be part of the UEC for two reasons. The first is to serve as an advocate for HEP funding during the annual Washington DC trip. The other is to contribute to the Quality of Life committee. In particular, I would advocate for extending the shuttle hours and bike share locations.