UEC Nominee for 2018-2020 Term: B. Freemire

Ben Freemire
Northern Illinois University


I have been a user at Fermilab for twelve years, and for this entire time have experienced firsthand the relationship between the laboratory and visitors, and the support we receive in implementing experimental programs. I’ve witnessed the shutdown of the Tevatron, the emergence of the muon program, and the plans for the next flagship program at the lab, LBNF/DUNE.

My background is in accelerator technology research and development, which I think is vital to providing the facility that will allow for a strong and successful physics program at Fermilab. The transition from being a particle collider laboratory to an intensity and precision frontier laboratory needs to be handled with care and with an eye toward the future. I hope to be able to play a role in this process.

My goal as a Users Executive Committee member would be to advocate for the resources and latitude necessary to upgrade the accelerator complex to turn Fermilab into a world leader in neutrino and muon physics. To accomplish this I will rely on my experience in leadership roles both within physics and elsewhere.

I look forward to representing the interests of users at Fermilab, and nurturing a healthy accelerator physics program while ensuring the laboratory remains a great place to work.