UEC Nominee for 2018-2020 Term: A. Furmanski

Andrew Furmanski
University of Manchester


I am a postdoc with the University of Manchester and have been based at Fermilab for the past three years working primarily on MicroBooNE but also SBND and DUNE. I was previously Run Coordinator for the MicroBooNE experiment – liaising between the collaboration and the lab – and am currently Cross Section group convener for MicroBooNE.

As an international employee I offer a slightly different experience to those employed by Fermilab or elsewhere in the USA. I would promote the interests and concerns of students and postdocs from international institutions who work at Fermilab, whether here for 5 days or 5 years. However, I would also always consider the impact of my actions to all members of the local community, including those users who spend most of their time off-site.

I have been very encouraged to see a big push for diversity and inclusion at Fermilab recently, however, there is still more to be done. I believe the best way to improve diversity and inclusivity is a combination of “top-down” initiatives such as diversity panels, lectures, etc, with “bottom-up” initiatives that address the many small ways in which we can discourage diversity (such as the “men at work” signs which show up around construction sites on the lab).

I believe that people work best when they are happy, and an important part of this is encouraging users and employees to enjoy their time at the lab outside of their work. This is why I am currently a member of the Fermilab Neutrino Social Organising Committee at Fermilab, and previously have been in charge of similar social activities within experimental collaborations – both T2K as a graduate student and MicroBooNE as a postdoc. The best way to encourage the best scientists in the world to come to Fermilab is to make it a fun and pleasant place to live and work!