UEC Nominee for 2018-2020 Term: S. Gleyzer

Sergei Gleyzer
University of Florida


As a current LHC Physics Center Distinguished Researcher Fellow at Fermilab, I am motivated to run for the Users Executive Committee to increase the awareness of issues facing particle physicists and in particular, junior researchers. I have been coming to Fermilab since 2006, first as a PhD student and then as a post-doctoral researcher. I have been in Fermilab both on short visits and extended residence periods as a member of the CMS experiment since 2005. I am keenly aware of the issues facing both domestic and international researchers working in an international laboratory environment. On the CMS experiment, I convene the CMS Machine Learning Forum with a focus on new applications of machine learning in physics analysis, reconstruction, simulation and detector performance. I have worked on searches leading to the discovery of the Higgs boson, its property measurements as well as searches for dark matter. In the past two years, I have organized community workshops to address evolving research needs of the high-energy physics community in the area of machine learning.

As a founder of several major community initiatives such as the Inter-experimental Machine Learning Working Group, the High-Energy Physics Software Foundation Google Summer of Code, and as an active member of the machine learning community in high-energy physics, I frequently interact with members of various experiments at Fermilab. Promoting greater collaboration and dialogue among the intensity/cosmic/energy frontiers in areas of common interest at Fermilab is one of my priorities.

Scientific outreach and communicating with high school students, teachers and the general public is also one of my passions. I recently initiated a project focused on hands-on programming and open data analysis in high school classrooms. I have also actively participated in trips to Washington DC to advocate for increased science funding, in particular for high-energy physics. As a member of the Users Executive Committee, I will look to foster a more inclusive environment and create additional initiatives focused on the needs of the Fermilab users community. I look forward to serving you as a UEC representative.