UEC Nominee for 2018-2020 Term: F. Golf

Frank Golf
University of Nebraska


The U.S. has played a leading role in high-energy physics research. The success of ongoing and planned endeavors for the construction of new facilities and the upgrade of existing ones will
depend on the continued strong participation of American laboratories and universities. If I am elected to serve the community as a member of the Fermilab Users Executive Committee, I will:

  1. continue to strengthen engagement with elected leaders and public and private institutions.

    One opportunity is the annual spring visit to Washington, D.C, which gives a chance to advocate for HEP priorities and open a dialogue with members of Congress and other government offices. I will work with the community to foster opportunities to promote user’s activities, the benefits of continued support for HEP research, and the important role Fermilab plays in hosting and supporting these activities.

  2. work to support the needs of user groups.

    I have experience working within a large collaboration and as a member of a small group that is part of a much larger community. Each comes with its own challenges and opportunities. I will work with users and Fermilab to continue to provide user groups with the support needed to make major contributions to HEP research. An important aspect of this is support for students and postdocs. Without rewarding career opportunities, many gifted physicists will have no choice but to leave the field. I recently went through the process of applying for jobs and can bring to the committee the perspective of a young scientist.