UEC Nominee for 2018-2020 Term: O. Gutsche

Oliver Gutsche


As a member of the FNAL UEC, I plan to work towards ensuring that users experience a welcoming work environment and help to enable their research activities at Fermilab.

During my professional career I have worked at three different laboratories in Europe and the US and have experienced first hand the challenges of working remotely as part of a large international collaboration. To ensure the success of these large collaborations, everyone has to feel as productive members of the team, whether they are located off-site or on-site. Users need the support of the host laboratory to be effective. I would like to bring my unique experience to the UEC and help our user community feel welcome and to find ways to facilitate their research as Fermilab embarks on hosting the large, new, and international endeavor of DUNE.

Computing is an important part of every HEP activity and to be effective, users need to be aware of the available computing tools and resources. Recording, simulating, reconstructing and analyzing data is an integral part of our work. I want to use my extensive experience in HEP computing to improve the computing support for the community and to help reduce the challenges to conduct research at Fermilab.