UEC Nominee for 2018-2020 Term: D. Martinez Caicedo

David Martinez Caicedo
Illinois Institute of Technology


I had the great opportunity to be an active member of the physics community within Fermilab since 2009, having served as an elected member of the FSPA in 2013, and more recently from 2016 to 2017 being the Young Scientist Spokesperson Liaison on the DUNE collaboration. Within all the leadership roles I have been very interested to increase the participation of the young international Fermilab community in the different scientific and social activities carried on within Fermilab. I am really eager to work to continue finding spaces where the Fermilab community can share their work and leadership examples. Furthermore, I will be devoted to listen and discuss with the community about new ideas to improve our future professional development and next steps in our careers. It is crucial to find better ways to communicate the community concerns and needs to the UEC leadership. Taking advantage of the diversity within our community, I am really interested to work to improve the current efforts to increase the participation and leadership roles of women and under-represented groups in the different cutting-edge experiments in all the energy frontiers.

Having the chance to be elected as a member for the Users Executive Committee will be an awesome place to continue working within the Fermilab community to improve our social and scientific environment.