UEC Nominee for 2019-2021 Term: Jonathan Asaadi

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Jonathan Asaadi
University of Texas Arlington


I first came to Fermilab as a graduate student in 2008 to work on the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) experiment. The timing of my arrival was very fortunate because I got to witness a number of monumental moments at Fermilab. I was taking shifts as the Fermilab accelerator shattered its previous records for peak luminosity, I got to be present during the “LHC first beam pajama party” which entered the field of HEP into the LHC era, and I got to take part in the end of Tevatron celebrations. To live through these times as a young graduate student at Fermilab and to get to take part in a historic collaboration like CDF truly fortunate. Since graduating in 2012, I have continued to call Fermilab my second home and have participated in and beared witness to the labs transformation into the center for all things neutrino.

During all of these major milestones, the UEC has played an important role fostering a community for the users of the lab, providing a conduit to the lawmakers in Washington, and grappling with the challenges of doing mega-science in a diverse, multicultural, and inclusive environment. I have long been a proponent for the activities the UEC has undertaken and look forward to, if elected, the opportunity to get to participate directly and help further shape the direction of my second home, Fermilab. I hope to bring my abilities to collaborate and execute on the key issues of diversity, inclusion, and education to the UEC’s existing efforts and help further strengthen this institution at the lab.