UEC Nominee for 2019-2021 Term: Andrew Askew

Andrew Askew

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Andrew Askew
Florida State University


I first came to Fermilab as a young graduate student in the summer of 2000. After returning to my university and completing my coursework, I would then permanently move (living on-site at the lab for a year), to complete my Ph.D. on the DZero experiment. As a postdoc I was stationed at Fermilab, splitting my efforts between the DZero and CMS experiments. During that time, I even participated in a UEC trip to Washington. Starting out as a professor, having moved to my university, I spent a considerable amount of time commuting to the LHC Physics Center, which facilitated building connections with other US-based scientists doing physics analysis with CMS at CERN. And now I send my own students to Fermilab for their own research. All of which is a way of saying that I have experienced many of the phases of the user experience at Fermilab and that the lab has played an important role in both my research and career.

I think it is important that users participate in guiding the lab. Furthermore, it is important that the variety of different interests of users is represented on the UEC. Fermilab hosts a major center of analysis and computing for the CMS experiment and should represent a major investment of lab resources. As a member of the UEC, I would bring the perspective of this community of users, and emphasize its concerns to the lab management.