UEC Nominee for 2019-2021 Term: Sergei Gleyzer

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Sergei Gleyzer
University of Alabama


As a premier particle physics and accelerator laboratory, Fermilab serves as a critical hub for US and international researchers. As member of the UEC, I will work on ensuring that the laboratory environment is highly inclusive and accessible to all its users.

I am currently an assistant professor in University of Alabama on the CMS experiment and have been a Fermilab visitor since 2006 (Fermilab-based in the past year and a half as Distinguished Researcher at the LHC Physics Center). My interests include high- energy physics, data science, education, government relations and public outreach.

I am excited to contribute to UEC in all these areas, in particular in the areas of inclusion, diversity, public education and government relations.

As a founder of the Inter-experimental Machine Learning (IML) Working Group and organizer of several community initiatives, workshops and conferences in machine learning, I have experience representing the interests of a varied and diverse international community of researchers, students, post-docs and faculty.

I have taken an increasingly active role in the past three (very successful) community trips to the Capitol Hill and developed many productive relationships with members of Congress and their staff. As UEC plays a crucial role in this activity, I look forward to making a significant contribution in this area to ensure our continued trajectory of success in securing government funding.