UEC Nominee for 2019-2021 Term: Manolis Kargiantoulakis

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Manolis Kargiantoulakis


I came to Fermilab as a postdoc working in the Muon Campus experiments, Muon g-2 and Mu2e. For me it was a natural transition from graduate work in a different national lab, to participate in these hugely promising and much-anticipated measurements. But I was also taken by the close proximity between experimental and theoretical avenues in the High Energy, Intensity, and Cosmic Frontiers that can be found in Fermilab; the integration also with engineering, computing, and accelerator physicists, and the blending of science with architecture and art and symbolism.

As an early-career member in 3 international experimental collaborations, each with many hundreds of members, I am aware of the necessity for collaboration and communication structures in modern physics experiments, and the special consideration that should be given to young collaborators. I have been a co-founder and served as President for two early-career organizations, most recently for Mu2e, which expects more and more students and postdocs as the experiment is nearing operations. I have also founded a journal club in the Muon Department, aiming to bring early-career researchers from the two experiments together and engage with the literature. The goal has been to develop the structures necessary to empower young members, by allowing for opportunities to connect and develop critical skills and find their own voice. This ultimately makes experimental collaborations stronger and enhances our physics mission.

I am also passionate about outreach and science communication, and have supported the Fermilab internship and outreach programs as volunteer presenter or guide, tour organizer, program committee member, and have mentored multiple students, interns, and postdocs. I see this is as an integral part of growing as a physicist and a person and a community member, and I have sought to encourage my early-career fellows to join in this pursuit.

Fermilab’s mission is enhanced when everyone is empowered to contribute and grow, including minorities and women, people from different backgrounds, and international collaborators. I have been perceptive to the needs of scientific teams, especially those of early-career researchers, and developed new structures to meet these needs when necessary. I would be honored to use my experience to serve the Fermilab Users community as a UEC member.