UEC Nominee for 2019-2021 Term: Isobel Ojalvo

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Isobel Ojalvo
Princeton University


I am currently a faculty member at Princeton University but my first visit to Fermilab was over ten years ago as an undergraduate REU student at the nearby University of Wisconsin Madison for a tour of the Fermilab facilities. Since then I have visited Fermilab many times, for both short and long durations, participating in a variety of activities from teaching at the CMS Data Analysis Schools to presenting at the HL/HE-LHC Physics workshop. In 2018 I was chosen as an LPC Distinguished Researcher and spent a few months in residence. Having been part of the Fermilab user community for over ten years I have come to really appreciate the role that Fermilab plays as a center for particle physics in the US and in fostering a strong scientific collaboration in the US LHC community.

The Users Executive Committee plays a very important role both in the work life of the Users as well as in pushing forwards particle physics research in the US. I have accompanied the UEC delegation to Washington DC twice as a member of the US LHC Users’ Association lobbying the US Congress to increase funding to the High Energy Physics program. These visits have shown to be very successful and well received. As a member of the UEC, my primary goals will be to 1.) improve further on these relations and propose methods for year-round contact with congresspeople during the periods where key budget decisions are being made and 2.) increase the reach of outreach activities that will inspire both people in congress and the public. I believe success in these areas are the key to successful operation of current programs as well as pushing forward the construction of new experiments.

I would be extremely happy and grateful to serve our community!!