UEC Nominee for 2019-2021 Term: Gianantonio Pezzulo

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Gianantonio Pezzulo
Yale University


I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Yale University, working on the Mu2e experiment. Back in 2011, I was a summer intern from Pisa Univ. when I had my first experience doing research at Fermilab on the Mu2e experiment. Then, I have been continuing doing research on Mu2e during my Master, Ph.D., and postdocs (I had a first appointment at the INFN of Pisa).

During these years, I have been spending a large fraction of my time living at Fermilab to work with the local Mu2e group (one of my Ph.D. advisors is a FNAL Senior Scientist). This gave me the possibility to enjoy the Fermilab community and the UEC activities organized during the years.

The work the UEC has been doing is extremely important also to communicate our exciting science with Congress. I do believe the importance of making sure our field has secure funding and helping organize the community to reach all of the congressional districts.

I consider Fermilab my “Scientific Home”, the place where I became a Physicist. I have been strongly involved with the Young Mu2e association to foster a welcoming environment at Fermilab for young collaborators of the Muon community. In the last years, I also put a lot of effort into mentoring a diverse group of US undergraduates from my University, many of which were having their first research experience at the Lab.

The young researchers represent the future of our community. Getting them involved and excited in these activities is indeed important for the future of our Lab.