UEC Nominee for 2019-2021 Term: Matthew Wetstein

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Matthew Wetstein
Iowa State University


I have been active at Fermilab since the start of my graduate research in 2003, and a part of the user community ever since. As much time as I’ve spent at the lab, every new visit still excites me. I have gotten so much out of my involvement at FNAL and look forward to the opportunity to give back.

Fermilab is a place where new ideas and collaborations are born. My own experience in developing the ANNIE experiment at Fermilab was a very fruitful one. I hope to ensure that Fermilab continues to be a place where new efforts can take hold and where early career scientists can bring new ideas to the table. On large physics efforts such as DUNE, NOvA, and the Short Baseline Program, Fermilab plays a critical role not only in making the projects happen, but also in providing collaborators with what they need to maximize their contributions to those experiments. I intend to bring my experiences in large collaborations like D0 and NOvA into enhancing the connection between the lab and collaborating researchers.

I want to see Fermilab continue to thrive as a place where new visitors feel welcome and returning users feel at home. One important part of that is the navigability of getting onsite access. Another key part is building on the Fermilab’s already vibrant lab and user culture. I have sent many students, post-docs, and first-time faculty visitors to the lab. Their experience has been overwhelmingly positive. I want to continue to strengthen that environment.

I am excited by this opportunity to contribute to the user community at Fermilab. Above all, I hope to be a good listener in bringing the needs of the larger user community to the User Executive Committee.