UEC Nominee for 2019-2021 Term: Andrew Whitbeck

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Andrew Whitbeck
Texas Tech University


I first became a Fermilab user in 2009 when I began my graduate research on CMS.  During my Ph.D. I took advantage of schools hosted at Fermilab, computing resources, and housing during long visits to make the most of my Ph.D.  Later, I became a Fermilab postdoc where I was able to help build the community that fostered the unique opportunities I took advantage of as a graduate student by organizing schools, workshops, and CMS tutorials.  I have coordinated test beam experiments with visiting scientists and have worked with visiting international students through the LHC Physics Center’s Guest and Visitor program.  Now, as an Assistant Professor, the students and postdocs in my group are similarly making use of the unique research environment that Fermilab fosters.  Through my ten years of work in high energy physics research, I have seen first hand the opportunities and challenges that are present for visitors and resident researchers at Fermilab.  I am grateful for the contributions that the Fermilab research environment has made to my career and I hope to help make sure that this is true for more young scientists through my membership on the UEC.

As a member of the FNAL UEC, I will work towards improving the environment for our research community to ensure it is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.  I will work with my colleagues outside of the UEC to identify areas in need of improvement and with my colleagues within the UEC to implement effective solutions.