UEC Nominee for 2020-2022 Term: Monica Nunes

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Monica Nunes
Syracuse University


I’m a postdoc at Syracuse University working, mostly, on SBND!
I first came to Fermilab in 2014 as a master student from UNICAMP, in Brazil! It was an amazing experience to be in contact with many people from around the world so I wanted to come back!

I came back in 2016 as a PhD student, still from UNICAMP, and I had the opportunity to stay here for two years. During this time I was elected as a FSPA officer and had the pleasure to serve the student and postdoc community for two years, and now as postdoc I’ll stay here for a while more!

All this time at Fermilab was crucial for my formation as a physicist and for my growth as a person. I worked with great scientists and I had the opportunity to learn from them about neutrinos, LArTPCs, different cultures, different countries and a lot more!

During all these years at Fermilab I realized how important it is to have a good quality of life and a good environment at the lab, so we can continue with the great work done here. As a UEC member I will be devoted to listen and to discuss with the community about new ideas that can help our work space to be better for everyone. Looking at the diversity within our community, I am really interested in work to improve the current efforts to increase the participation and leadership roles of women and under-represented groups in the lab.

I’ll be always willing to hear from you and trying to connect to other people’s wishes to make Fermilab a better place for everyone!