UEC Nominee for 2020-2022 Term: Ted Kolberg

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Ted Kolberg
Florida State University


I have been doing some portion of my research at Fermilab since first joining the CMS experiment as a beginning graduate student in 2005. Over the years I have participated in a variety of analysis and hardware activities centered at the lab. Lately I have traveled to Fermilab frequently to participate in management activities for the HL-LHC upgrade of CMS. I look forward to basing even more FSU students and postdocs at the lab as our work on the upgrade project ramps up.

In my view the LHC Physics Center at Fermilab is an excellent model for how the lab can work together with its users to create a unique environment for doing high impact physics research. The LPC is a great resource for both the US and international CMS collaborations and I wish to see this successful model strengthened and extended.

A strong UEC is important for advocating our interests as users to the lab management, and for working to ensure that the lab invests its resources in ways which benefit the user community as much as possible.