Frequently asked questions

Considering running for the UEC? Let us try to answer some of your burning questions.

Do I have to live full time at Fermilab?

No! The UEC has travel funding to support travel to Fermilab for our monthly meetings.

Do I have to be based in the US?

No! All Fermilab users are welcome to apply.

Do I have to be at a particular career stage?

No! All Fermilab users at any stage of their career are welcome to apply.

Is there compensation for participation in the UEC?

No, participation in the UEC is voluntary, although there is travel support to attend the monthly meetings.

When are meetings generally?

UEC meetings are Friday mornings, 8.30am-12.30pm, once a month. We choose the date for each month by doodle poll to make sure most members can attend. In addition to the main UEC meeting, there are regular subcommittee meetings – these can vary but on average are around one hour per week, at a time chosen by the subcommittee members.

Do I have to attend meetings in person?

Not necessarily — attending the monthly UEC meetings in person is strongly encouraged to maximise your input (committee meetings are easier in person), but a zoom connection is provided because we know it’s not always possible to attend in person (or to find a date every month for which a diverse group of 12 people are all available!).

How much work is it on average?

The workload varies throughout the year — our two busiest times of the year are the lead up to the DC trip in March and the annual Users Meeting, typically in June.

Am I required to participate in all the subcommittees?

Attending all the meetings is encouraged, but most UEC members actively participate in 1-2 subcommittees.