UEC Nominee for 2021-2023 Term: Kristian Hahn

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Kristian Hahn
Northwestern University


I am an Associate Professor at Northwestern University working on the CMS and MUonE experiments at CERN. I have had a long and lasting relationship with Fermilab, starting as a post- bachelor working on the installation of the CDF Central Outer Tracker, through my Ph.D research on CDF, and again as a postdoc working on CMS Data Operations with the Fermilab team. As faculty, my research program has greatly benefited from close collaboration with FNAL colleagues on projects ranging from CMS Tracker Upgrade electronics, Dark Matter searches at the LPC, and an exploration of machine learning techniques for hardware applications.

I am extremely fortunate to have a world-class laboratory so near my home institution. It is easy for me to visit for an afternoon brainstorming discussion, and then to return later in the week to work with colleagues on testing our ideas. I feel that as a UEC member one of my primary concerns must be to ensure an opportunity for all users to have as near an experience as this, despite geography or timezone. As the sole US laboratory dedicated to particle physics, Fermilab offers users a wealth of invaluable resources. To sustain research in our field it is crucial that these resources be easily leveraged. I believe the UEC must take an active role in matching the laboratory’s capabilities with the research needs of its users by lowering the barriers of accessibility and risk.