UEC Nominee for 2021-2023 Term: Sridhara Dasu

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Sridhara Dasu
University of Wisconsin-Madison


My scientific passion for the study of fundamental particles drives me to push for strong support for US HEP community, both for its domestic and international programs. FNAL is at the center of our US program in HEP and serving on its users executive committee will be a privilege. While our latest physics adventure at the energy frontier continues after the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN, a large chunk of the US activity is managed successfully by the FNAL based collaborators. The FNAL based US community is playing strong roles in both cosmic and intensity frontier domestically. We need to build on these strengths to continue to benefit from the consensus vision setup in the P5 processes few years ago which emphasizes the five intertwined science drivers.

Having firmly established the now completed Standard Model of particle physics at the LHC energies, we are anticipating discoveries of new TeV-scale physics processes in the coming years with accumulation of data acquired at the HL-LHC. The operation and construction of facilities for the neutrino program, the direct dark matter searches using both liquid-Xe TPCs and cryogenic detectors, the dark energy survey instruments are all actively pursed by our community based at FNAL. If elected, a a member of FNAL UEC, I would advocate for continued support of our community’s collective vision.

Lately I have been romanticizing about helping develop R&D plans for building compact lepton colliders and possibly bringing one such research facility back to the US soil. The Snowmass community study process currently underway and the updated P5 plan should include increased R&D support for such ventures. Active organizational effort is needed and I will be glad to participate in developing future robust plans for our community.