UEC Election 2019-2021

Welcome to the UEC Election 2019-2021. We kindly request Users vote to decide who the next 7 people are that they choose to represent them on the UEC.

  • Voting will be done via Fermilab Indico. Vote here!
  • You may vote for up to seven (7) candidates. Votes with more than 7 selections will be invalidated.
  • Six winning candidates will serve a two-year term for 2019-2021. A seventh winning candidate will serve a one-year term, 2019-2020.
  • Your vote will not be accepted after 23:59:59 Central Daylight Time on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.
  • You must have a valid Fermilab ID to vote.
  • The candidates are listed below – click on the candidates picture or name to see each individual candidates’ information.

Meet the candidates for 2019-2021

Jonathan Asaadi
University of Texas Arlington

Andrew Askew
Florida State University

Ashley Back
Iowa State University

Sergei Gleyzer
University of Alabama

Ketino Kaadze
Kansas State University

Evan Niner

Isobel Ojalvo
Princeton University

Gianantonio Pezzulo
Yale University

Reddy Pratap Gandrajula
Michigan State University

Matthew Wetstein
Iowa State University

Andrew Whitbeck
Texas Tech University

Yuanyuan Zhang